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About the Series

Five amazing events. Five spectacular locations. This is the Mizuno Auckland Half Marathon Series.

The 2018/19 Mizuno Auckland Half Marathon Series brings together five superb running events – in five spectacular locations – for a season-long goal for runners and walkers alike. Iconic half marathons in Devonport, Omaha, Coatesville, Maraetai and the beautiful Auckland Waterfront make up the eight-month long series which runs from September 2018 to April 2019. Make this your fittest summer ever in the City of Sails and sign up for a series pass today!

The spirit of good-natured competition is alive and well in the Mizuno Auckland Half Marathon Series. You can measure yourself against your peers as well as tracking your progress throughout the season. Points are awarded based on your performance and these are tabulated into a ladder for the Half Marathon Series (for those taking on the full 21km distance) or Classic Series (for those taking on the 10k distance – 8k at Coatesville). The Grand Finale event offers double points and the overall series place-getters in both the run and competitive walk are presented with trophies. The half marathon distance series also presents awards for age group champions.

Don’t think you’ll be challenging for the silverware? No worries. The Mizuno Auckland Half Marathon Series has a very personal goal for everyone who takes part, which is simply to get to the finish line at each event. And don’t worry, you won’t be going home empty-handed. Every finisher at every event in the series takes homes a unique finisher medal from that event. Plus, those in the 21k distance have the chance to go for the grand-daddy of race bling … the Grand Slam medal. To earn this legendary medal, you must complete the 21km half marathon at all five events in the same season. Collect a token as your cross each finish line and then fit your tokens into the Grand Slam medal to mark an amazing achievement!

A Series Pass represents awesome value for money and is the ideal way to take on the challenge. Your series pass includes entry to all five events at either half marathon or classic distance, an exclusive series hoodie and all of your race numbers and materials couriered out to you prior to race one.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and we’ll see you bright and early on September 30th in Devonport for Race One.

This race season, it’s about you.

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Series Events

Five awesome events, five stunning locations. This is the Mizuno Auckland Half Marathon Series …

Race One: 30 September 2018

Mizuno Devonport Half Marathon

Web Site

Race Two: 2 December 2018

Mike Pero Omaha Half Marathon

Web Site

Race Three: 10 February 2019

Mizuno Coatesville Half Marathon

Web Site

Race Four: 17 March 2019

Maraetai Half Marathon

Web Site

Grand Finale: 14 April 2019

Waterfront Half Marathon

Web Site

Series Information

A comprehensive guide to the Auckland Half Marathon Series.

Date Details
27 May 2018 Super earlybird entry rates expire.
22 Jul 2018 Earlybird entry rates expire.
30 Aug 2018 Last opportunity to claim 75% refund (Series Pass only) for withdrawal.
02 Sep 2018 Last chance to claim free delivery of your hoodie and race numbers.
23 Sep 2018 Series Pass registrations CLOSE!
29 Sep 2018 4-5pm: Pre-race registration at Devonport Half Marathon.
30 Sep 2018 From 6am. On site registration at Devonport.
30 Sep 2018 Race One: Devonport Half Marathon
02 Dec 2018 Race Two: Omaha Half Marathon
10 Feb 2019 Race Three: Coatesville Half Marathon
17 Mar 2019 Race Four: MaraetaiHalf Marathon
14 Apr 2019 Grand Finale: Waterfront Half Marathon

Every person who purchases an Auckland Half Marathon Series Pass will also receive – FREE! – the official 2018/19 Mizuno Auckland Half Marathon Series hoodie. There is no better way to stay warm on race morning as you await your call to the start line than snug inside our super-comfortable hoodie! 

The design of the 2018/19 hoodie is shown below. When booking your series pass, you will be asked to select your size and it’s important you get this bang on as all hoodies are made months in advance and numbers are strictly limited. Check out the size guide below:

Size Chart

Chest (cm) 51 54 57 60 64 67
Length (cm) 70 72 74 76 78 80

Important! Compare the chest measurement with a favourite hoodie to be sure of your sizing. Our measurements are taken with the hoodie laid on a flat surface. The length measurement is taken from the top of the neckline to the bottom of the collar (not the hood). The Chest measurement is taken from armpit to armpit.

Each event that is part of the Mizuno Auckland Half Marathon Series will award all finishers in the half marathon distance with an AHMS finisher token (this is in addition to the normal event finisher medal which all finishers received). Each person who earns all five tokens in a single season (meaning they have personally finished the 21km distance at Devonport, Omaha, Orewa, Coatesville and Waterfront Half Marathons) will receive the amazing Grand Slam mega-medal as a memento of your superb achievement. Each of your finisher tokens fits inside the Grand Slam medal to make the ultimate runner’s blingfest!

It is a requirement of your participation in each event of the series that you wear your race number on the front of your shirt at all times whilst taking part. Your number should be secured to your shirt by a safety pin in each corner (if you don’t have any, come to the Registration desk on race morning). Your electronic timing tag is attached to the back of your race number so be careful not to crease, crush or puncture it. When your race pack arrives with your hoodie – approximately two weeks prior to race one of the series – you will receive your individual race number for each of the series events. It is vitally important you wear the correct race number for each event and do not misplace any of them (see below).

Pimp Your Bib!
When you register, you will have the opportunity to select a nickname to print on your race number. Feel free to be creative – but please keep it clean folks! If you don’t select a nickname, your first name will be printed instead. If you prefer to fly under the radar – or you want to get creative with a sharpie – just put a full stop in the nickname field and we will leave it blank.

Important! Race numbers are printed in two batches. The first batch is sent to print approximately 28 days prior to the first event and will include everyone registered in the event at that time. All of these numbers will be delivered with your hoodie. The second batch is sent to print 3-4 days before the event and includes everyone else who has registered for a series pass. Note that once your race number has been printed, it is no longer possible to change the printing. If you transfer your entry to another person and your race number has already been printed, your name will still appear on there.

Important! Please don’t lose your race number. Replacement numbers are $10.

When you receive your race number, your electronic timing tag will be attached to the back. We are using disposable stick-on timing tags this year. We are sure you will appreciate the convenience of not having to attach a plastic tag to your shoes and then return it at the finish. All you have to remember is to secure your race number to the front of your shirt and you’re all set. Try to avoid holding your arm in front of the number as you cross the finish line (e.g. to turn off your watch) as this can sometimes affect the tag reading. Just wait until a few steps after the timing mat.

Important! There is no need to return your timing tag.

Important! Keep your race number with you when you finish as we will use it to register you in the prize draw for the Awards Ceremony – see below.

Running Events, organisers of the Auckland Half Marathon Series welcome walkers in all of our events, irrespective of the distance. Walkers routinely make up around 15-20% of the total field. We take the needs of our walkers seriously and have made changes to how our events operate to allow walkers to be appropriately recognised and accommodated. The notes here will help you, as a walker, to get the most from the event and help familiarise you with our setup for walkers.

Important! In the spirit of fair competition, we ask that all competitors adhere strictly to the rules. Competitive Walkers must not run or jog at any time during the event and must maintain contact with the ground at all times.

Hybrid Walk/Run or Competitive Walk?
When registering for a race distance which includes a competitive walk prize, you will be prompted to identify yourself as Runner, Hybrid Run/Walk or Competitive Walker. If you plan to walk most of the way but want to have the option to jog or run at any point, you should select the hybrid option. If you intend to walk throughout the event and want to measure yourself against other walkers, you should choose the Competitive Walk option.

Important! Hybrid run/walk competitors should start on the same start horn as the runners. For the 21K and 10K distances, Competitive Walk participants should start on the dedicated walkers start which will be three minutes after the main field.

Are There Prizes?
Please see the Merit Awards section for details of prizes. To be eligible for awards, walkers must enter in the Competitive Walk category, start on the Competitive Walk start signal and must only walk during the event.

How Is the Walking Competition Judged?
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide walking judges for our events. Therefore, we rely upon the integrity of those taking part to adhere to the rules of the walking competition and not run or jog at any time. In our experience over the years, we have found that the most common error in the walking competition is where people register as a competitive walker but decide to run on race day. We have worked around this issue by having a dedicated race start for walkers wherever there are Competitive Walk merit prizes at stake.

Important! We do not make judgement calls on disqualifications based on reports from other competitors. Unless advised otherwise by the competitor in question, we trust the integrity of our competitive walkers. In all cases, the Race Director’s decision shall be final.

The Grand Finale of the Auckland Half Marathon Series will include a special section to acknowledge the top place-getters in the series. The ceremony will take place on the main stage at the venue. See the Race Day Schedule for the Grand Finale for times.

Merit Awards

Beautiful glass trophies will be awarded to:

  • Top 3 men and women overall in …
    • Half Marathon Run Series,
    • Half Marathon Competitive Walk Series,
    • Classic Run Series,
    • Classic Competitive Walk Series
  • Age group champions in the Half Marathon Run Series

Series Points – How Are They Calculated?

The calculation method for series points for the 2018/19 Series will be different from that previously used. We believe the new method will result in fairer results and help to smooth out the peaks and troughs encountered due to differing participation levels at each event.

Series points will be awarded based on where you finished relative to the winner in your gender for that distance (and also the winner in your age group for those in the half marathon run series). The first placed male and female athletes in each category receive 100 points, and then subsequent finishers are awarded points as a percentage of the winner’s time. That means that, no matter how long you take to finish, you will always earn some points in your season-long quest for greatness!

Important! Once again, we will be offering DOUBLE POINTS for the Grand Finale. That means the overall winners at the Waterfront Half Marathon will receive 200 points instead of 100 … and so on down the line. So make sure you save your best til last!

Important! Although you do not need to complete all five events in the series to achieve an overall placing, it will obviously be difficult to win your category unless you do.

Important! For the Half Marathon Run Age Group Series competition, your age group will be based on your age as at Race One in the series. Trophies will be presented to the following age groups (both male and female): Under 20 years, 20-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years, 60-69 years, 70 years & over.

It is compulsory for all participants to attend, listen to and heed the advice of the safety briefing at each event. Above all else, however, please understand that – event where roads are closed – we cannot guarantee they will be traffic free. You have sole responsibility for your own safety. Do not leave any pavement, cross any road, pass any driveway unless you deem it is safe for you to do so.

Please remind your own spectators that they should not attempt to accompany you in vehicles, bikes or otherwise. They must follow the normal rules of the road to reach vantage points.

Important! A copy of the approved Health & Safety plan for any event in the series is available from Running Events on request.

Please remember the golden rule … Always give way to vehicles. No matter who has right of way, vehicles always win.

Past Events

Results, photos, video and more from previous editions of the Auckland Half Marathon Series

Series Points Standings

2018/19 SERIES
2017/18 SERIES
2016/17 SERIES

Grand Slam Medal

The Grand Slam medal is a unique feature of the Auckland Half Marathon Series.

Each and every runner and walker who completes the 21km half marathon distance at any qualifying event will receive an AHMS finisher token alongside the normal finisher medal for that event. Collect a token from every event in the series in the same season and we’ll have a Grand Slam medal waiting for you at the finish line of the Grand Finale. The Grand Slam medal has recesses to fit all your individual token inside and, together, they make the most outrageous race blink in New Zealand! It’s a fitting momento of an eight-month long journey completed. Onya!

Series Hoodie

Everyone who registers for an Auckland Half Marathon Series Pass gets a free hoodie!

There is no better way to keep warm on race morning that wrapped up cosy in your exclusive Auckland Half Marathon Series Hoodie! You can see hoodies from previous series here.

“You absolutely outdid yourselves.”

”You guys have run a lot of very good events, but you absolutely outdid yourselves on this one. Such a beautiful course, fun, party atmosphere, live timing every 1km, and well done on organising the weather too! Just awesome. – Mark Paterson (Waterfront Half Marathon)

Awesome run team! The course was challenging in small parts, which kept things very interesting. Well organised, you did a great job! I’ll def be back next year.

Liss Wallis, Devonport Half Marathon

Enjoyed this run.It has lots with lots of aid stations and the volunteer cadets out on the course were awesome. I LOVE my medal … can’t wait to see next year’s medal!

Wai McClutchie-Bennett , Coatesville HM

Very scenic and flat course with great sunny weather! Not too far from Auckland and made for a quick weekend away. Loved the medal and entertaining prize giving.

Gah Chan, Omaha Half Marathon

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Running Events offer a 50% refund of the entry fee paid to anyone who is unable to take part in one of our events for medical reasons (or a 75% refund in the case of a Series Pass entry). Notification of your intent to withdraw must be made at least one calendar month prior to the event (in the case of a “Series Pass” entry – this must be one month prior to the first event in the series) using the online contact form on the event web site. Unfortunately, we do not offer deferral of race entries to future events under any circumstances.

Full details on our Refund & Transfer policy can be found here.

Important: Please DO NOT ASK for an exception – you are wasting your time and ours. In fairness to all participants, we do not make exceptions to these rules under any circumstances.

Everyone registered in the event more than 4 weeks out from race day can expect to receive their race number (with timing tag attached to the back) 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

Those who registered after this time will need to collect their race number from the venue during race weekend. Check the Info section of the web site for dates, times and locations for Race Packet Pickup.

If you ordered any merchandise, it will be available for collection on race morning from the Merchandise tent.

Our new timing tags are small stickers that can be found on the back of your bib.  The tag sends out a unique UHF signal that identifies the athlete and records the exact time at which the athlete passes the detection mats. The tags are designed to withstand rain and sweat as the mechanical part of the tag is covered by a foam spacer but please don’t fold or bend the bib as this can damage it.  All you need to do is make sure you have your bib attached to the front of your shirt and you’re good to go.

Of course! We love walkers and all of our events are open to runners, joggers and walkers alike. Many of our events offer specific merit prizes, start times and rules for competitive walkers. Please check the event web site and you will find this information on the “Walkers” tab.

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